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We, currently, sell two varieties of Georgia Olive Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Arbequina and Chef’s Blend. Both are pure, first cold-pressed EVOO with a taste described by Esquire Magazine as “smooth and ticks the back of your throat with a faint peppery kick, the way it should.”

Our Pure Georgia Arbequina oil is only available in limited quantities each harvest season. This oil is 100% Georgia grown, EVOO. Its Green and buttery with a fruity finish.

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arbequina olives

For many years, this variety was only found in Catalonia, however, at the beginning of the 20th century it started to spread through the rest of Spain and later, during the 21st century, it became a favorite of olive groves around the world. It is the major olive tree of California and Catalonia in Northeast Spain. It is a tree of moderate growth and as the crown is small, it is suitable for dense planting but hard to harvest by conventional shakers.

The oil is very popular and considered of high quality with mild bitterness and pungency and a wide range of nuanced notes: apple, nuts, tomato, fresh grass… The production starts early, giving high and reliable yields. Arbequina is considered frost hardy and well adapted to different soil types.

It should be noted that even though it is commonly thought to be a native cultivar of Catalonia, it travelled from the eastern side of the Mediterranean with sailors who brought it to what was then known as the Kingdom of Aragon. It takes its name from the town of Leridana de Arbeca.


koroneiki olives

It is Greece’s most predominant variety, representing nearly half of its olive grove area. It is an olive tree of medium vigor with a spreading habit and an open canopy. The leaves are elliptic lanceolate short and narrow. The fruit is small ovoid and slightly asymmetric. It ripens early and has high and constant yields with a very high content of oil. This is a good drought resistant variety but one that does not tolerate cold well. It is resistant to olive leaf spot but sensitive to olive knot. The oil is high in oleic acid and very stable.

The oil has a marked bitterness and pungency with a persistence of green aromas, freshly cut grass, artichoke and, sometimes, apple or fig tree

It may possibly be one of the most ancient existing olive tree variety.


arbosana olives

This minority variety from Catalonia has spread around the world these past years, thanks to how well it adapts to modern high density olive groves. IT is a tree of moderate growth, producing olives after two years, and reaching full fruiting in five years.

The olives are small, yet produce a good oil yield of 19 to 20%. The oil has moderate pungency with numerous tasting notes; with green grass over others, although these aren’t as prominent as in the Arbequina.